Web and experience design in the past was focused on getting the customer to do what you wanted them to do, go where you wanted them to go. Today’s users don’t accept or conform to this. Instead, they are constantly connected, constantly social, constantly evolving. They are as influential as they are easily influenced, and they expect experiences that are seamless, transparent and authentic. 

If you want your website to keep up with your customer, the clear focus must be on creating a positive experience, and empowering the customer to do what they want to do, seamlessly. If your website falls short in terms of providing an authentic and meaningful touchpoint for your brand, your customer will quickly move away, find your more authentic competitor and become their loyal advocate.

McKinsey research shows that up to 70 percent of buying decisions are made based on how a customer feels they have been treated. Today’s highly informed, always-on customer has an instant sense of whether your brand cares about them and values their business. This holds true for online experience as much as it does for interpersonal, or any other interaction.

If your website is poorly conceived with mixed messaging, or lacks defined user paths and clear calls to action (CTA), today’s user will quickly become frustrated, sense the lack of empathy and navigate away. What’s more, today’s user will share their feelings about this experience with their peers.

If your website currently stands alone; an isolated medium for your company on the internet that shamelessly funnels the user toward a ‘buy now’ button, without forming any kind of meaningful relationship, then it is time to reconsider your approach.

At Dara Creative we don’t just build websites, we develop brands that care about customer experience. As part of our Growth Marketing Programme we help define two to three key customer types, then we carefully tailor all branding, user experience, user interface and content to facilitate a seamless journey for those key customers.

A highly focused marketing strategy and campaign then targets the key customer and brings them on a defined journey through your new digital platform; with the specific goal of recruiting and retaining them. So with Dara Creative’s Growth Marketing Programme you are not just keeping up with your customer, you are targeting them, connecting deeply, and turning them into loyal advocates for your brand. Contact us for more information on how we can help.