Say, do you remember marketing in September? Whether you are still using marketing techniques from the age of Disco or you’re keeping up with the latest trends in marketing, regular reviews of your marketing efforts are always advisable. 
It’s understandable, logical even, that most companies will wait until December to properly review their marketing strategy. However, that doesn’t give you much time to prepare. Here are four reasons why analysing your current marketing strategy is a task much better suited to the end of quarter three. 
Marketing in september disco

December is too late to think about the new year 

Straight off the bat; yes December is, as stated already, the logical time to think about what you are going to do with your marketing in the new year, but it’s too late. September is the perfect time. You can spend your time in September generating ideas, reviewing what’s worked and what hasn’t, analysing business objectives, researching new marketing methods and trends in the industry. That still leaves a full quarter to rework your strategy, get your content calendar in order, and even work on a few key pieces of content. It just makes sense to give yourself time to prepare before you’re ready to hit the dance floor in January with a refreshed marketing strategy. 

Increase the chances of reaching your goals before the end of the year

What if you waited until the first week of December to review your marketing efforts for the year, only to realise you were way off your targets? Disaster, right? Reviewing at the end of the 3rd quarter means you can assess what it might take to reach your goals by year end, and not have to worry about lack of time. 
If there is something stopping the leads from rolling in, you can readjust what you’re doing and increase the chances of hitting your target. 

Figure out what works and what doesn’t 

Taking considerable time to really dig into the data to discover what’s working for your company is essential. Rushing your analysis at the end of the year doesn’t make sense, especially when it’s something so important. Set plenty of time aside in September to dig deep into Google Analytics to figure out what kind marketing methods are working well for your business. It helps to have some questions in mind when you’re doing this. Ask yourself: 
  • Are there particular types of content that attracts more traffic than others? 

  • Are some advertising channels proving better than others? 

  • Is one advertising channel good for awareness and one good for lead generation? 

  • Are there any channels that could be shelved in favour of something new and potentially more profitable? 

Taking opportunities to try new things 

Take the opportunity to research how you can really strut your marketing stuff! A complete review of your marketing activities should include a decent amount of research into what your competitors are doing that you aren’t, as well as into the latest developments in marketing. Online marketing channels like AdWords, LinkedIn and Facebook are always delivering new ways to market our products or services, but often we’re too busy to really delve into them, or some of us might even be too afraid to try something new (what if it doesn’t work?!). During the month of September, make it a priority task to review what’s new on these platforms and make a note for your strategy to try them out properly. For example, if you find that you’re getting quite a few views on mobile devices from Facebook, try their mobile-specific canvas ads. If you’re getting a lot of traffic but not a lot of leads from LinkedIn, try their lead gen forms. The exciting thing about digital marketing is that there is always something new to try! If you feel like you’re pretty sewn up when it comes to your online marketing, have a think about what you could do offline to get people talking about your brand. 
To sum up, September is an ideal time to review your marketing strategies and get into the groove for the final quarter of the year, and of course for the new year. Taking your time and really committing to an in depth review and generating a new or refreshed marketing strategy is considerably more beneficial than leaving it until the last minute. 

Need some help with your marketing strategy? Our team is on hand to review your current situation, develop a new strategy, and even to help implement it. Get in touch and ask about our Growth Marketing Programme.