Managing and Supporting a charitable organisation's website

Trócaire is an Irish charity and the overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. They work with partners in over 20 countries in the developing world to empower communities to improve their lives, meet their basic needs and ensure their human dignity. In Ireland, Trócaire raises awareness about the root causes of poverty and injustice, and advocate for change.

What We Did

In late 2014 Dara Creative began a 2-year contract to provide on-going monthly technical, design, content, marketing and hosting support to assist the Trócaire team with the maintenance of their current Drupal 7 website.

In parallel with the on-going support, Dara Creative is also working on the redesign and redevelopment of the website to implement improvements identified through UX review and user feedback

  • Growth Marketing

  • UX Design

  • Drupal

  • Digital Design


Trocaire has a large existing Drupal site that they are redesigning and rebuilding iteratively over the next 2 years. Dara is providing a comprehensive and flexible support and development service including our team of designers, content architects, developers, system admins and digital marketing. We are working closely with Trocaire’s existing in-house web and IT team to ‘fill the gaps’ in their knowledge and assist with heavy duty Drupal development work that is beyond their in-house skills. We have essentially become part of their in-house design, marketing, and development team.


Dara Creative also updated the client’s server and provided website security reviews, code patches and software updates to both Drupal 7 and the server. Any vulnerability discovered are analysed and root-cause analysis is performed in order to improve the entire process of secure software development/updates.


Our design, development and marketing teams work closely with Trócaire’s in-house teams to provide project management, stakeholder workshops, user needs analysis and competitor research, architecture and content, functional specification, wireframing and UX, interface graphic design, digital marketing consultation and on-going multi-channel marketing services. Our team provides Trócaire with technical and server support in addition to training.

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