Spring Cleaning your Marketing Strategy

A key component of any effective marketing strategy is that it's flexible. Spring is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your strategy and think about how it can improve.

Refreshing your Marketing Strategy for the Current Quarter 

We’re a few weeks into the second quarter of 2017. At Dara Creative, we believe it’s important to review whether your marketing strategy is serving your objectives regularly, and what better time to do so than in the Spring Quarter?

Trialling and testing marketing activities is an essential part of developing flexible and effective strategies. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss how to identify the activities that are slowing down your marketing strategy using Google Analytics, Social Media Insights, Marketing Know-how and plain old common sense.

1. Are you making good use of Social Media?

Many businesses are following the “be on social media” rule, but to no effect, as they are using platforms that aren’t relevant to their audience, posting content that is completely extracted from the brand, or not posting at all.

How to Spring Clean it:

  • Check the Social Media Acquisitions in Google Analytics - if you notice a particular platform is failing to drive traffic to your website, take a look at the content you are posting and determine whether you could do more to encourage people to visit your site
  • Visit the native insights on each Social Platform and note the engagement to follow ratio. If you have no following to speak of despite efforts to grow it, perhaps the audience isn’t there for you. If you have a good following but no engagement, you might need to rethink what you’re sharing 
  • Check whether your Social Media Calls to Action are clear and compelling enough to drive people to your site
  • Ask yourself: Are we being human enough? People don’t want to interact with marketing robots on social media, they want real people. 
  • Consider native advertising: Algorithms on social media are a pain to crack. While we encourage staying on top of the kind of content and activity that pleases the gremlins who choose what people see on the various platforms, we also tell our clients not to be afraid of social advertising. It is one of the most powerful tools available if used correctly.

2. Are your emails effective or defective?

Email Marketing is something that works effectively for most businesses if they are using it right. If you are sending out regular email campaigns but getting few leads or web visits, it’s time to look at tidying it up.

How to Spring Clean it:

  • Look at your Database - you might need to clean it up as you could be emailing marketing material to already committed clients or emails that are no longer being used, thus skewing your stats, not to mention wasting your efforts. 
  • Review previous emails and ask yourself: Is the content relevant to my audience? Is there something of value to the user in the content? Why would someone open these emails? Why would they click a link? Why would they fill in a form to find out more information?
  • Look back over the leads collected and sales closed via previous email campaigns- what kind of campaigns worked, and which ones were ineffective? This will help you build a solid template of language usage, content ideas, as well as layout and design concepts that work for your target audience. 
  • Watch your language - are you being too formal in your emails? Studies have shown that less formal language is more effective when sending emails, so you could be hindering your opportunities with “Dears” and “Sincerelys”

3. Are you wasting money on weak AdWords Campaigns?

AdWords can be an effective marketing tool if managed correctly, however many businesses are wasting money on weak ads and poorly established campaigns. As a result, they aren’t generating leads, but are spending quite a lot of their marketing budget. 

How to Spring Clean it: 

  • First and foremost, does the person managing your campaigns know what they are doing? There is much more to AdWords than meets the eye and inexperience can be costly
  • Make sure you are using negative keywords to ensure you are not wasting spend on irrelevant searches
  • Schedule tweaking time- test, tweak and test again. That’s the mantra for AdWords. Changing keywords, altering ad text, changing landing pages are all things that will help you improve results consistently.

4. Are your blogs going to waste?

You’re blogging? Great! Chances are that means you’re already a step ahead of most of your competitors. However, are you just throwing content onto your site and hoping people read it, or are you really making use of blog content?

How to Spring Clean it: 

  • Review how many visitors have been to your blogs when they were published, and note where they came from. 
  • Create a content calendar and try your best to stick to it so you can fairly monitor the impact of blogging
  • Blog at least twice a month 
  • Don’t just blog about your company - educate readers
  • Share it on all relevant social media networks, including your personal LinkedIn/Twitter (see our first point!)
  • Keep track of web traffic and sales queries coming in from the blog posts you share to gain an understanding of what works and what doesn’t
  • Make amendments to the type of content you’re writing and when you write it based on a monthly review of metrics

5. Are you wasting time and money at exhibitions?

Last on our list is something which divides opinion in the sales and marketing world. Many businesses claim that exhibitions are their best source of sales leads, others say they just go because they want to be seen to be there, while an increasing fraction believes they are a waste of time and money. The latter fraction is completely correct if you are not going to the right exhibitions and failing to use your time properly. 

How to Spring Clean it: 

  • Review the leads and completed sales you generated from the last five exhibitions and determine what the ROI was
  • Exclude any low ROI exhibitions from your upcoming events list and only attend ones that have proven to be valuable in the past - this will save you money if nothing else
  • Choose only high-level events which people who match your ideal customer profile are likely to attend
  • Bring a team next time - two people to man the stand and one to network and visit other stands
  • Offer exhibition delegates something of value at your stand 

If you think it’s time to review your marketing strategy, why not get in touch with Dara Creative? Our expert team of strategists, marketers and designers are on hand to help you create an effective, results-focused marketing strategy that will drive your business towards better ROI. 

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