User Led Design

Improved user experience (UX) will increase your sales

Delivering a positive user experience is crucial for any commercial website.  It will lead to higher conversion rates and make your website a better sales tool for your business.

It's not enough just to look pretty, your site should be tailored to the specific needs of your customers and easy to use on all mobile devices.

How we approach UX

Our approach is a little different to the norm, we adopt a 'customer led' design process that includes user testing and feedback at key stages, trying things out early and making improvements to the design as we go along.

What's involved in UX

The process includes a review of your site to identify problems, customer needs analysis to find out what your users want, peer research to establish best practice, users journeys and wireframes to plan out your site, interactive prototypes for user testing and interface design to make it look great. 

We run regular online and physical focus group testing to collect feedback and improve the design along the way to ensure the final site is as close to perfect as possible.

Once your new site is live thats only the start of the journey. Constant measurement and regular improvement is a key component of maintaining positive UX and keeping ahead of your competitors.

If you're interested in a UX audit please get in touch; you can ring us on 01 6725222, email us at or fill out our contact form.