Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

For any business online, one way or another we're all hoping to get discovered. Search Engine Optimisation has unfortunately become a minefield of outdated techniques and cheap tricks. That said, with the correct approach, SEO can work wonders for your business.

Here at Dara Creative we keep a keen eye on the exciting pace of change in the SEO world. Let us help you get discovered by the right people for the right reasons with our SEO Strategies and Training.

Our SEO Process

1. Business Objectives & Market Analysis 

We'll analyse your website goals, your target audience, where they live online, your competitors in the rankings, and the best keywords and phrases you might target.

2 Campaign Objectives 

We'll agree KPIs and goals for your project, produce benchmarking reports and draw up a clear and concise project plan.

3. Technical Website Audit 

Next, we'll evaluate your keyword usage, site structure and information architecture, identify any technical issues suppressing your ranking, and deliver our recommendations in a comprehensive report.

4. Content Audit and Strategy Plan 

We'll assess your existing assets and determine whether other resources you may have can be repurposed as content. We can even generate some fresh ideas for content you may not have considered.

5. Networks, Social Influences & Online Promotion 

We'll ensure all the relevant social platforms available to you are being put to good use, identify prime contacts, communities and influencers to share your content. We'll also explore paid promotional campaigns through content platforms, social media and PR.

 6 Continuous Measurement, Reporting & Optimisation

On an ongoing basis, we'll share analytical insights into content engagement, social sharing and referrals, search engine rankings, organic traffic and conversions. And we'll keep you in the loop with regular calls and progress meetings.

Some of our SEO clients include:

National College of Ireland, Consumer Classroom, Kilsaran, Isover, Fenero, Door Depot.

Do you need help with your SEO Strategy?

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