In B2B LinkedIn is heralded as the social network for targeting your audience. If that’s the case, why are most Irish businesses completely under-utilising this excellent marketing, branding and networking tool? While there are plenty of marketing, sales and recruitment professionals making fantastic use of the platform, there is still an alarming number of business professionals avoiding it. 

Before we delve into the 5 things you can add to your marketing strategy from LinkedIn, let’s talk about who should be responsible for a business’ representation on LinkedIn. Owners and a lot of salespeople within smaller businesses will often answer “The digital marketer”, some more traditionally focused marketers might say it’s a task for the sales team, but a savvy, modern, digitally focused business owner, salesperson and marketer will all say “everyone.” 

Here are things to add to your overall strategy, which can be implemented by anyone and everyone on your team. 

Content Sharing 
People are normally on LinkedIn for a number of reasons: 

  • They’re looking for work 
  • They’re looking for customers 
  • They’re looking for industry updates 
  • They’re looking for inspiration 

Yes, they’re looking, so it’s an excellent place to share content, so long as that content is being widely shared, and provided it is valuable to your target audience. Sharing the content, whether it’s a blog post, case study, video or something downloadable, on your company page is not where it should stop, and yet it’s where most will stop. The sales team should be sharing every piece of content on their own pages, as well as in relevant groups on LinkedIn in a bid to generate attention and to position the company as experts. It could also be messaged to connections and shared by other members of the team, particularly if it is relevant to their area of work. 

Targeted advertising 
LinkedIn’s advertising platform is one of the best to work with. It’s dynamic and allows for very specific targeting. While it has its drawbacks (if you want to remarket to an email list, you need 300+ contacts, for example) it is a proven source of valuable leads. 

There are a number of ways to advertise on LinkedIn: 

In-feed advertisements/Sponsored Content
These ads appear as regular posts in your target audiences’ timelines and generally link to a landing page or a piece of content that is likely to delight or convert. 

Lead Gen Forms 
A relatively recent addition to LinkedIn’s advertising platform is the Lead Gen Form, which allows you to capture data on LinkedIn with minimum content and negating the need for your user to leave LinkedIn and go to your website. 

LinkedIn Text Ads 
These appear in the sidebar of a LinkedIn profile. 

LinkedIn Sponsored InMail 
This method allows you to deliver personalised content through LinkedIn messenger to a targeted audience. It’s great for the likes of event registrations and very specific content downloads or special offers, but it is traditionally less effective with outright sales approaches that have no offer attached to them. 

Using LinkedIn Advertising is a method recommended by revered marketing leaders such as Marketo and Hubspot, particularly if you are reaching out to small to medium businesses. It makes sense to have it as part of your strategy. 

People as Branding 
The people who make up a company are as much a part of your brand as your company name and logo. From CEO to marketing assistant, each person in your business is part of who you are as a company. LinkedIn is an excellent place to make use of this fact, however, unfortunately, it’s not something that is practiced by a lot of businesses. 

While some companies might offer a cheaper price if you can showcase your team’s unrivaled expertise you can display your unique value. LinkedIn is the perfect place to do this. Using people as branding on LinkedIn has been proven to raise the profile of companies. There a number of ways your employees can help to boost your brand on LinkedIn: 

  • Writing articles using LinkedIn’s native blogging platform, Pulse. 
  • Sharing relevant articles offering their expert opinions. 
  • Talking about projects they had been working on. 
  • Commenting on industry trends 
  • Engaging in a meaningful manner in LinkedIn groups 

Employer branding
It’s a positive sign that a lot of the clients who come to us in Dara Creative are concerned with their employer branding. Businesses are being more concerned about attracting the kind of people that will fit in with their company, but they aren’t sure of how to go about it. 

Employer branding is the part of your marketing strategy that explains how you will promote your business as the ideal place to work. It’s as important as any other part of your strategy. There can be many elements to an employer branding strategy; from a manifesto to employee videos, from social posts to internal rewards systems, there is so much you can do to promote your business to potential hires, and LinkedIn is an excellent platform to do this on. 

When researching places to work, job seekers are going to be immediately intrigued by companies they are familiar with, so being generally active and visible on Social Media is important. So how can LinkedIn be part of that? 

Sharing images and videos from staff events, featuring employee profiles in which staff talk about their jobs are all ways to catch people’s attention and make them think: That looks like a good place to work. When it comes to advertising jobs, LinkedIn is an excellent place to do so, as you can specifical target the kind of people you want. Just make sure your company page is up to date; an active company page filled with rich content that highlights the positive elements of working for your company will make those ideal candidates more likely to click. 

Client retention
Client retention isn’t all about executive gifts, Christmas lunches, and regular email check-ins. Being visible and interactive online is just as important. 

Whether it is your team members engaging with your client’s posts on LinkedIn, sharing valuable content that will benefit them, or bigging up their businesses on your company page, LinkedIn is an ideal zone for rubbing digital elbows with your current clients. Keeping a sense of familiarity and success in the eye line of your clients is a positive way to reinforce the ways in the which you have helped them, and it might even encourage them to become advocates of work by sharing your content with their connections.

Using LinkedIn as a marketing tool is not just a one-person job, and in fact, it is a very personalised job. The fact of the matter is, LinkedIn is an excellent source of leads and employees, as well as a tool for building your company's position as the expert in its field. It’s time for everyone to pull up their trousers and make LinkedIn part of their daily duty! 

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