Creating a responsive multi-site website that represents three well-known sub-brands under the trusted brand of Kilsaran

For nearly 50 years, Kilsaran has been synonymous with innovative concrete products and award-winning design in Ireland and the UK. They have been trusted by home-owners and businesses alike to create beautiful, quality landscapes that add value and charm to each location. Since 2014, we have been working with the team at Kilsaran on increasing their product and brand awareness. Today, we continue to work with Kilsaran on growing their brand across technical support and online marketing.

What We Did

For Kilsaran, the overall objective was to design & develop a fully responsive custom multi-site website for their three sub-brands.

  • UX & Design

  • Drupal Development

  • Digital Marketing

  • Digital & Print Design


This project began with in-depth research which looked at the strengths and weaknesses of the current site and branding as well as taking a look at competitor websites in Ireland and the UK. From this, we concluded that the new website should have clear and simple navigation with targeted appropriate content for its target users.


Kilsaran has three distinct sub-brands which target different audiences. Kilsaran Home is aimed directly at homeowners, while Kilsaran Build is focussed on builders and Kilsaran Create is aimed at Architects and Specifiers. This unique positioning of each sub-brand presented us with a unique challenge for the Kilsaran International website. The solution was to create a centralised homepage which links off to three different websites, each using an overarching look and feel for brand consistency but with its own individual colours, structure and content suited to each audience. Bright and inviting photography is used to really bring the Kilsaran products to life. An extensive product database is available on the site as well as technical resources to encourage user engagement and repeat visits. Carefully placed call to actions throughout the site helps people to take the next step. Case studies, customer testimonials and awards are displayed throughout the site to solidify Kilsaran’s long built reputation. A focus has been put on their expert team profiles on the Kilsaran Build site with contact information for help to plan a project. For the customer facing site - Kilsaran Home - an “Inspire Me” section has been included to help give customers a taste of what can be achieved with Kilsaran products. There is also a dedicated service with a range of packages available to help people create a design for their project.


Our digital marketing team are currently working with the Marketing Manager of Kilsaran on various online advertising campaigns across the three sub-brands: Home, Build and Create. The online marketing strategy covers a range of channels including Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Video Advertising and Content Marketing. In July 2016, we launched PPC campaigns on both the Google search and display network to promote Kilsaran’s new product, ‘Clima Phalt’. The target audience for this ad campaign were contractors and builders. We targeted them by placing the Lightbox video ad on popular construction based websites across the Google Display Network.



Increase in leads


Increase in web traffic

Kilsaran International have worked with Dara Creative on the re-design and overhaul of our website. Our brief was complex and challenging and the team met and exceeded expectations in all areas.

David McKeown, Director of Kilsaran International

Since the website went live in May 2013, it has seen huge improvements in website visitors. At the post go live stage of the new website, sessions increased by 70% along with a 100% conversion rate on the website. Recent data recorded in the first six months of 2016 versus the same time period in 2015 echoes this constant increase with an 11% increase in sessions and 16% in users to the website.



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