Updating your old Google Analytics

Google Analytics released 'Universal Analytics' which is a replacement version of the older Google Analytics offering. In the words of Google, “Universal Analytics introduces a set of features that change the way data is collected and organised in your Google Analytics account, so you can get a better understanding of how users interact with your online content.”

To answer the question, “Why do I need to Update my Analytics?” – The answer is simple: Because Google is telling you to! If you are looking for a more technical answer: New features and product updates are only available to Universal Analytics properties. Classic Google Analytics properties, or Universal Analytics properties using an older collection method like the ga.js JavaScript library, will not receive access to all future product changes.

Installing Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a vital tool for all websites that are tracking data. It eliminates the need for a web developer, who in previous circumstances, would have had to manually install the Analytics code into your website. By using Tag Manager, you can do all the work yourself (Or, we can do it for you, and show you how this works!). From using this, you can manage your AdWords, Remarketing and all your Website Conversions in one place. Easy peasy!

Analytics Dashboard

If you are too busy to constantly check your Google Analytics account, we can set up a monthly dashboard report to automatically send to your email account. These dashboards can be customised to whatever metrics you want to see.

For example, you might want to only know the number of users on your website or how many people are signing up for your newsletter. We can include all this data in these reports making it easy for you to review, print and show to your colleagues.

Filtering out Referral Spam

One thing that Google Analytics fails to do is block all web spam from skewing the data. Unfortunately, spam can crawl its way into our data, making it look like we have more visitors on our website than we actually really have.

By carrying out this Health Check, we can filter the most common type of spam so that it does not display in your analytics reports or dashboard. In most cases, spam is inevitable, no matter how hard you try to block it. Regular maintenance of this is extremely important.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another extremely useful application by Google (formerly called Webmaster tools). The search console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site's presence in Google Search results.

We can set up an account on this so that you are notified each time problems occur with your site. Here’s a more detailed guide into search console.

Sitewide Crawl Test

We can run a 'Sitewide Crawl Test' on your website to see if there are any crawl errors (e.g. 404 pages, broken links). These problems can occur without anyone knowing but can lead to frustrated users and a high bounce rate. By running regular crawl tests, you can identify these problems and solve them.  

Excluding Internal traffic

As we mentioned earlier, data can become skewed in your Google Analytics. This can occur from internal traffic (i.e. when your marketing team or web developer are visiting pages on the site for work/testing). We can exclude this traffic so that it does not hinder your website’s data and you will be interpreting the ‘real’ situation not an inflated one.

Sign up for a Health Check today!

These tasks are important for your analytics and maintaining overall site performance. By carrying out this ‘NCT’, you will have accurate and precise data from your website, which will result in a better understanding of your site’s performance. It will help you use the information to plan your marketing efforts to get better results and those all important sales leads!

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This blog post was written by Grainne O'Reilly, Digital Marketing Executive at Dara Creative.