We teach you how to use Facebook advertising to target the exact consumer profile you are selling to

You might also recall a blog post we wrote on the pro’s and cons of Facebook for a business which you can read here. An important benefit of using Facebook is the highly targeted advertising it provides for flexible budgets. It is a useful marketing platform for brands to engage with their audience on a daily basis.

Here’s how Facebook advertising works and the benefits it offers for you and your marketing team.

Targeting down to a T

Facebook’s advertising allows you to be incredibly specific with your targeting of your ideal audience. It is a cost-effective method of online marketing that provides you with the chance to advertise to your ideal customer. You can target by age, sex, location, interests, links to other Facebook pages/fans of other Facebook pages that you specify, languages spoken, behaviours and you can even upload email addresses of those whom you wish to target.

For example, if you are targeting the Managing Directors of SME’s in Ireland who are typically male, aged 30+. Let’s say their interests are business, marketing, enterprise, innovation, and finance. All of this important data can be inputted to the Facebook Ad Planner, and your Ad will then appear before the eyes of these defined users on Facebook. It also helps that Facebook Ad Planner is really easy to use and once you have launched one ad campaign, you should have no problem with the rest!

Facebook also offers you a guide on the potential reach your ad will have. This can be seen in the right hand side of the ad planner.

Making some €€€

Another powerful element of Facebook advertising is conversion tracking. Facebook advertising can also track conversions (i.e sign ups) and inform you how many people click on the Facebook Ad and then, complete the signup form.

Once you set up a conversion tracking pixel (this can be done via Google Tag Manager), you can determine how many people are coming to the site from social media and signing up to your newsletter or contacting you via the website contact form. This will enable you to show your boss fantastic results from all your social media marketing efforts!

Facebook Lookalike Audience  

Another handy trick with Facebook Advertising is creating what is known as a ‘Custom Audience’. If you have a database of contact details (email addresses or mobile phone numbers), you can simply import this to Facebook’s custom audience option.

This enables you to target ‘lookalike profiles’ of these people on the social platform. These lookalikes are people who fit the criteria we specify and their profiles are built up because they are similar to our database (who we’ve already determined are the profile of who we’re searching for).

An example we have shown here, is the list of readers of the Dara Creative blog. We could simply upload their email addresses and then Facebook can create a lookalike audience in a specified country that we want to target. Facebook themselves are great for offering tips and more information on Facebook Advertising. For more comprehensive information on the targeting possibilities, you can learn more here: https://goo.gl/Quci6Z


In a nutshell…

By running Facebook ads, you place your brand before an audience that you have clearly defined for a reasonable amount of money. Therefore, you are attracting the right people to your website to complete one of the following conversions:

  • Buy your product/service
  • Contact you directly about your product/service
  • Sign up to your database
  • Learn about your brand
  • Like your Facebook page or Engage with you on Facebook

How we can help you

We’d like to help you with lead generation as part of your wider digital marketing strategy. 

Some of our current clients who we have worked with on their Facebook Advertising are:

  • Ziggurat Student Living 
  • Kate Cowhig
  • Kilsaran

If you are interested in launching Facebook or any other online advertising campaigns, you can get in touch with us via our enquiry form on this page or email us at hello@daracreative.ie or give us a call on 01 672 522.