The technology market is well populated with war stories of herculean and monumental sales victories that were years in the making. The story usually has a hero: the sales person who wouldn’t take no for an answer, who moved heaven and earth to get to the table and once there, unleashed negotiating masterstrokes that got the deal over the line. Undoubtedly impressive, with a healthy element of truth engrained somewhere in the mythology.

There are other stories that are perhaps a little less exciting but are equally impactful. These stories talk of the hard yards and discipline required from a marketing team who worked out which customers to target, how to engage them with compelling content, and lay the foundation for the sales team to seal the deal. In mythology, there are far fewer hero marketers than hero sales people.  

Uncovering, enabling and delivering growth through marketing is an emergent activity in the world of technology. The big consumer-focussed, web-based technology companies, particularly in the USA, have developed marketing strategies that assist in:

  • Understanding their customer
  • Clear product positioning
  • Developing compelling Value Propositions for specific customer types
  • Creating Brand Identities
  • Optimising customer lifetime value
  • Maximising retention and minimising churn

So, what is holding back broader adoption of growth marketing disciplines in B2B technology companies, and perhaps more generally across the technology sector in Ireland? Some commonly quoted issues are:

  • Lack of in-house marketing skills – not having suitably skilled or experienced staff to design and execute the marketing campaigns that deliver results.
  • Competition for resources – the multi-nationals soak up any of the talent that’s out there
  • Marketing ROI – hard to calculate or realise the return on money invested in marketing
  • Our business or our customers are too unique to create campaigns that will work
  • Nothing works better than ‘feet on the street’ sales effort

The above limiting factors can be mitigated with Growth Marketing; a methodology whereby the focus is placed on identifying your ideal customers and aligning marketing activity to recruit and retain them. A professional, best-practice orientated marketing team will thrive with the opportunity to experiment with marketing activities and ultimately uncover new paths to high growth scenarios in the dense technology market.

A tailored Growth Marketing Programme can help tech companies achieve:

  • High volume engagement with selected customer sets
  • Entry into markets or new segments
  • A more defined and unique brand position
  • Better resource management
  • The development of new product or service offerings based on a better understanding of what the company’s ideal market wants

So, how can Growth Marketing help Tech companies deliver? By being resourceful, targeted and designed for advancement.

A marketing-centric growth plan for tech companies can be delivered for a fraction of the cost of hiring and training expensive sales resources. It does more than sell; it builds your brand in a manner that targets only those who are likely to engage with your output. While the sales person might be the visible warrior of the saga, the true hero of the story is the marketer building and executing a strategy that moulds the brand into something the target audience can’t ignore.

Do you want to build a tech brand that can’t be ignored? Get in touch with the team and we will organise a meeting to discuss how Growth Marketing can help your business.