Why is duplicate content bad?


There’s a number of reasons why duplicate content is bad:

  • It provides a bad user experience

  • Google won’t know which page is more relevant for search results

  • Link authority and quality will decrease

  • Search engine bots won’t crawl your site as often 

When a user carries out a search, Google will then try to match the search with the most relevant page to their search query. If your website has multiple pages with the exact same content, Google won’t know which page is the most relevant for the user, thus creating a bad user experience and a bad relationship with Google. 

To give Google additional clarity about the content on your website you should ensure the meta title and meta description are unique for each pages. This avoids any issues around duplicate meta data and gives Google and your users a better idea of the page they’re going to.

While it may be tedious at the start, we would recommended creating unique content for each page on your website. In the long run this will help your Google rankings and create a better user experience for your website visitors.

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