Consumer Law Ready

Train European SMEs to be Consumer LawReady!

Consumer Law Ready

In early 2017, Dara Creative became a sub-partner of a project which becomes named as ‘Consumer Law Ready’. The purpose of this project is to develop and organise training on consumer rights for SME’s that sell their products/services online. The team, made up of three other consortium members, are working together to develop this programme that will effectively target SMEs across Europe.

What We Did

Our role within this project is to create the new brand name and identity, Consumer Law Ready; and create a multi-language website by developing the website architecture, interface design and interactive ‘massive online open courses’ available for the target audience to undertake on the website. This website will be developed by our team using the Drupal 7 CMS and it will be available in 24 languages.

  • Branding

  • UX & Design

  • Drupal Development

  • Digital & Print Design


We are also tasked with ensuring that the brand identity is consistent across every channel and in every country within the EU, as many third parties will be promoting the programme through their own channels (i.e. The programme will be promoted through various Consumer Organisations based around Europe). In addition to this, our design team are working closely with the consortium leader, BEUC, to design and create materials for training events that will take place across Europe. As well as design, the marketing team at Dara Creative have also produced a comprehensive Communications Strategy that will form the brand’s value proposition, target audience, overall marketing strategy and the promotional activities. The Dara Creative marketing team are the main drivers of promotion and advertising of the programme and will be heavily involved in the roll-out of the new website and interactive e-learning facilities. There is also extensive work in supporting other Consortium members as well as ongoing client liaison with the European Commission (the client) on regular conference calls and meetings.


Brand Name & Brand Identity Development, Website Architecture & Wireframing, Website UX & Interface Design, Design of a Multi Language Website, Mobile & Tablet Design Templates & Testing, Development of Project Website in Drupal 7, Development of MOOC’s in 24 languages, Monitoring and moderation of the website and its features, Communications Strategy Creation & management for a Pan European campaign, Content Development and Localisation, Creation of Offline Branded Materials, Project Management

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