Consumer Classroom

Creating & Promoting an online multilingual platform for teachers across the European Union

Consumer Classroom is a pan-European consumer education website for teachers of students age 12-18 across all 28 member states of the in 24 languages. Dara Creative is a member of a consortium appointed by Chafea (the Consumers, Health & Food Executive Agency) of the European Commission to rebrand, redesign, redevelop, launch and promote this new website that went live in March 2013.

What we Did

This project has evolved from the initial branding and web design of a highly dynamic website to the ongoing promotion and improvements to the platform both offline and online.

  • Branding

  • UX & Design

  • Multi Channel Marketing

  • Digital & Print Design


At the beginning of this project, an overall branding and design strategy was devised. This strategy included how the brand would look online and offline to the thousands of teachers across the EU. For the website design, our team of web designers and UX specialists worked carefully within the European Commission’s guidelines to produce a useful and intuitive website. In order to fully understand the needs of teachers in different EU countries, user surveys were carried out. These surveys informed our design team and UX specialists on the tools and website functions they expected on the website. As well as the branding, the first promotional strategy was also created in March 2013 detailing how this new platform and brand would be advertised to the large target market. The strategy typically includes website improvements including CMS updates, content updates and design improvements, email marketing strategies including database development and template design improvements, lead nurturing strategies, online and offline marketing strategies. Today, we continue to create a promotional strategy every year to ensure that effective advertising is being carried out to current and prospective members of the platform. This promotional strategy helps form the actions of the Consortium each year.


For this project, our design team created a new brand name and identity, designed the website interface design along with the various interactive and community tools including a comprehensive lesson builder and resource upload tool available on the site. Our design team continue to work on the User Experience and design of the website to ensure that users are satisfied with the website and what it has to offer. Our digital marketing team, working alongside our designers and the other members of the Consortium, to continuously promote the website and its resources. We oversee promotional campaigns on a daily basis and deliver email marketing campaigns, Search engine optimisation improvements, Google PPC Ads and Remarketing.


Today, we continue to work within the Consortium to improve the website design and user Experience as well as the promoting resources available to download from the website to 27 countries within the European Union.



Increase in Website Sessions


Increase in Sign-Up's to the platform

Since the website launch, there have been over 1 million European Visitors to the website.

The platform has evolved from 21,000 registered users since 2014 to 31,400 registered users as of December 2016. 

Currently, there are 1651 lessons created by the website lesson builders, along with 1493 teaching resources available for teachers to download for free.

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