Consumer Champion

Working alongside other EU Agencies to create and promote a EU Capacity Building Programme

Consumer Champion is a European capacity build programme for consumer professionals providing training, resources and networking opportunities. The programme includes physical training courses, e-learning modules and a supporting community website. The platform is available for users to participate in e-learning modules in 14 languages. Since 2014, We have been a of a consortium of companies working with DG Health & Consumers to create and promote this capacity building programme across the EU.

What We Did

This project has evolved from the initial web design and development of the e-learning platform to the ongoing promotion of the platform offline and online.

  • Branding

  • UX & Design

  • Multi-Channel Marketing

  • Digital & Print Design


Before each contract under Consumer Champion, a promotional strategy is devised, which is then presented to the European Commission. Our digital marketing and sales team work closely with all of the members in the consortium to create a fully-detailed promotional strategy outlining marketing, design and website improvements for the period of the contract. The strategy typically includes website improvements including CMS updates, content updates and design improvements, email marketing strategies including database development and template design improvements, lead nurturing strategies and offline marketing strategies. This promotional strategy helps form the actions of the Consortium each year.


The initial phase of the project consisted of a development and design of a website via Drupal CMS. Our design team worked alongside SIVECO, a web development company based in Romania, to create a responsive website that could host a comprehensive e-learning platform. Our designer worked through various stages including research and needs analysis, brand strategy, positioning, name and identity development. The team also devised the site architecture, personas, wireframes, functional specifications, UX and interface design and responsive templates. The website was launched in 2014 and is aimed at supporting the e-learning platform, offline training courses and networking events in the area of Consumer Protection. Since the launch of the website, our team continues to provide website design services and marketing services.


Our digital marketing and design team continue to work with DG Health & Consumers of the European Commission and the other members of the consortium to promote and grow the Consumer Champion e-learning platform. We work closely with BEUC, an organisation based in Brussels under the umbrella group of the European Commission, to ensure ongoing promotion and development of Champion. We do this through event marketing, e-mail marketing, and content marketing. Our design team also work in the consortium to provide website graphics and promotional materials for the platform. We also provide the European Commission with regular website and promotion reports on a bi-monthly basis. These reports provide them with the latest website statistics and performance of any marketing campaigns. Our digital and design team are constantly involved in overseas visits with the EC and consortium and are always striving to improve and promote the e-learning platform as best as we can.



Increase in Platform Sign-Up's Year-on-Year


Increase in Website Sessions Year-on-Year

Since December 2014, the website has gone from 300 website visitors to 21,254 website visitors. The platform is continuing to grow across the EU with programme membership increasing each year. Currently, the platform has 1000 registered users. 

Consumer Champion is continuing to improve their online presence across social media marketing on DG Just Twitter and LinkedIn profiles as well as engaging with all experts and professionals in the Consumer Protection field across the EU through email marketing campaigns. 


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