Did you know landing pages can be a key tool for converting your international website visitors into potential sales leads? According to Marketingsherpa, 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to get a new sales lead for future conversion. 

What is a Landing page?

Landing pages are a strategic combination of web design and digital marketing with the end goal of increasing your sales leads at home and abroad. They are pages that are dedicated to one product or one service, which are used as part of a campaign either on paid advertising (Google or Bing Pay Per Click Advertising), email marketing or social media. 

They differ in the design of your website in that they show a stripped down amount of content with a focus on the action you want your visitor to carry out (sign up, download, get started, etc).

The best thing about landing pages is, once you have a template that suits your business and offering, it can be used over and over again. This means you can target different customer types or promote different aspects of your service offering.

What are the features of a good landing page?

  • One strong, clear call to action

  • Content that’s brief and to the point. You want to grab and hold your reader's attention 

  • An attractive, eye-catching image

  • Simple template design: uncluttered and stripped back from anything that might distract your website visitor 

  • A data capture form allowing you to get their contact information for follow up later.

  • You can also add testimonials from former clients or show a list of current clients.

Want to improve your website’s conversion rate?

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