3XE is one of Ireland's leading conferences for Marketing Professionals

Three members of the Dara Creative team, Claire, Elisa and Karen, were treated to a day of learning at Croke Park for 3XE, one of Ireland’s leading and most celebrated conferences for marketing professionals. 

We’ve taken the time to amalgamate our notes so that we can bring you the most valuable take home points from an excellent day of marketing insight and education. 

1. Don’t interrupt what people are interested in

Marketing is traditionally labeled as something that is interruptive, however, Natalie O’Keefe from Google insists that we need to stop interrupting what people are interested in, and start being what they are interested in. Dropping a boring ad the start of a YouTube video isn’t going to grasp the attention of your target audience, but something intriguing, even humourous, will capture attention. 


2. Be topical, but only if it’s relevant 

There is nothing like topical subjects to get hitting the share and retweet buttons. Whether it’s a scorcher of a day, or the impeachment of a president, if it fits in with your brand and tone of voice, there is no harm in reacting to current events in a tasteful way. It get’s people talking! 

3. Facebook is still king 

While Facebook may have fallen out of favour in terms of what’s trendy in the social media world, it’s still the most effective, and flexible, advertising platform available to businesses.

4. You won’t make a sale at the first touchpoint  

This is something we impress on our clients all the time, so we thought it was worth emphasising. A lot of businesses expect that someone sees one ad and becomes a customer, or potential customer. This just isn’t the case. There are many touchpoints along the customer journey, and it’s all about targeting them with the right kind of content at the right time as you nurture them towards the point of sale. 

5. Know your USP - your real USP 

Your business unique selling point  is innovative, reliable, professional, different; just like every other business. It’s time to ditch the clichés and pinpoint exactly what makes your business different to all of your competitors, and make that message clear. 

6. Tell, don’t sell 

A strong message from many of the speakers throughout the day was to stop selling, and tell a story instead. Make your potential customers feel something, whether that’s motivated, excited, or happy: how you make them feel will determine whether they are likely to click that button. 

7. 15 seconds or less 

Dave Morrissey from Facebook shared an interesting insight: most people stop watching a video after 15 seconds on Facebook. Make sure you’re getting your point, and your brand, across as quickly as possible so people know what they are watching, and what you are trying to sell. 

8. Ask yourself why 

Before you commit to a particular platform or marketing activity, be sure to ask yourself why. You don’t need to be on every platform, just the ones that will increase your brand visibility and your overall ROI. 

9. Keep an armoury of marketing tools 

Almost every speaker at the conference had some kind of tool to recommend to make their jobs easier, and their work more effective. From Followerwonk to LSI Graph, there are a whole host of tools to use that will make the work you do much more effective and results orientated. Be careful with some of them, though, you can easily get lost in the data wormhole! 

10. SEO is becoming more competitive 

One of the most interesting points that was uttered throughout the day was that SEO is becoming more competitive. While we’ve been focused on SEO with a “get on the first page” for a long time, get in first place or in the featured snippet are now the predominant goals when it comes to SEO. Why? Firstly, because people go for the most convenient option, which is now the snippet. Secondly, it’s because Voice Search is going to be the next big thing, and that only delivers one result. 

One thing is clear from May's 3XE conference, marketing is still growing and developing, and it’s more important than ever for professionals to keep on top of these changes. If you want to stay ahead of the game, why not have a chat with our team to come up with a strategy that will see you flying ahead of your competitors. You can rest assured that your marketing will be in the hands of a team that makes every effort to stay on top of things. Get in touch with us here.