Marketing Tools to make your job easier

At Dara Creative, we love training our clients on best practice SEO and Content Marketing. During these sessions, our clients are always interested in hearing about marketing tools.
Marketing is such a vast and complicated vocation. It can be difficult to be confident that you are doing things in the most effective way. It helps to make use of the copious amount of marketing tools out there.
These 10 tools won’t do the job for you, but they will save you time, effort and stress, and that’s as valuable as anything!
1. Lastpass
How many passwords do you have to remember? How many times a month do you clear your cache and curse yourself for removing all your saved logins? We’re going to guess, given that you work in marketing, that the numbers are pretty high.
Enter, Lastpass. This website allows you to save your login details for every website you need, as well as create super secure ones, because let's be honest, we're all guilty of picking very obvious ones! It also enables you to share these logins with trusted colleagues in a secure manner. You can also choose whether they can actually view your password and thus prevent them from sharing it with anyone else. Lastpass saves you stress, time and protects your accounts from potential malicious activity.

Marketing Tools - Passwords
2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a comprehensive tool that allows you to assess the status and quality of your website. We prefer it to Moz because of the sheer amount of detail it gives in every necessary area. It provides a much meatier insight into how your website performs.
 This tool scans your website, highlighting key metrics which can be used to improve your marketing plan.
3. Quicksprout
Quicksprout is an excellent tool used to analyse your website's SEO status at a glance. A quick overview allows you to see where each page on your site needs improvement.
4. Screaming Frog
For more in-depth SEO research, Screaming Frog is an excellent tool to have. It's a free piece of software that should be on every marketer's desktop.

This software gives a comprehensive report of your website's URLs, page titles and so on. This allows you to pinpoint any areas that might be dragging your website down in the rankings.
 Marketing tools - SEO tools - Screaming frog
5. LSI Graph
Moving on to content, this useful tool helps you identify relevant LSI keywords to use on your website.
LSI stands for Latent Semantic Index. LSI Keywords are the key terms or phrases that are semantically linked to your main keyword. Google has confirmed that websites that use more of these rank better on their search engine.
LSI GRAPH provides the semantic phrases that link to your primary keywords. Using them in an organic way will help to enrich your text with relevant, searchable phrases.
6. Grammarly
Grammarly is an excellent tool for anyone, not just for marketers. It does more than your average spell checker. It flags poor grammar and misuse of words and wrong spelling. It even tells you where to put your commas and semicolons.
Side note: we rank the semicolon as the most underrated and underused punctuation in history; it’s very useful.
7. Hemingway

 Hemingway is web app that aims to rid the world of complicated content. With better-written content, you will keep readers more enthralled, thus keeping them on your website for longer and increasing the likelihood of them coming back to read more content (remember our stat about how many pieces of content a person reads before they become a potential customer?).  Clear content is also a plus in the eyes of the all-seeing Google Bots!
Hemingway is a great help in this department, highlighting specific passages that need amending. Even the most polished of content writers use it for assurance.

Typing_Content Marketing tools
8. Google URL Builder
No ‘Tools for Marketers’ list would be complete without a Google Product or two. We’re going to assume that you are familiar with Google AdWords and Google Analytics and recommend Google URL Builder instead.
Google URL Builder helps you to track specific campaigns more easily in Google Analytics with a unique code. This means you can directly associate traffic with particular marketing activities, making reporting much easier. 
9. Feedly
Feedly is an excellent tool for keeping up to date on the latest developments in marketing. In our fast moving industry, this is imperative! You can curate a tailored newsfeed using the most forward-thinking sources in marketing.
It's also useful for curating a bank of content about the industry you're working in. Say you work are working for a construction company, you create a feed that keeps you informed on the latest news. You can then use this as inspiration for content or share it on Social Media; this shows people that your company has its finger on the industry's pulse! ​
10. Hootsuite

Last but not least is Hootsuite. This comes with a hefty recommendation from the Dara Creative team. Scheduling social media is something every company should be doing. We've used a lot of similar tools in Dara, but none of them perform as well as Hootsuite. Although it does have some bugs, it does everything you need it to do. As well as scheduling across all your social platforms, you can also respond to comments in one place. It's also useful for social listening so you can find out what people are saying about your brand and your competitors. 
These tools should help you navigate your marketing strategy with ease, saving you time and stress. If you find that you still need some help with your marketing, why not contact Dara Creative to discuss our support packages? Click below to get in touch.

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